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Houston | Saturday, October 4th | 10am-4pm | $85.00 | REGISTER

1 Day Workshop - Improving The Read

The Improving The Read 1-day workshop addresses the second significant stumbling block to new screenwriters: making their scripts convey the emotional experience of actually seeing the film... READ MORE
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Los Angeles | Saturdays 12pm-3pm | $330.00 | Next Clas TBA

8 Week Class - Screenwriting 101

Despite its name, Screenwriting 101 is geared to both new and experienced screenwriters alike. The focus of the 8 weeks is a further understanding of story structure that transcends well beyond the three act paradigm... READ MORE
STORY AND PLOT is a screenwriting seminar taught by a professional screenwriter with a passion for teaching that matches his passion for writing.

focuses on clarifying your story ideas and then using that clarity to effectively and efficiently tell your story to the reader.

is designed to clear out the clutter of an over-crowded market of screenplay instruction.

STORY AND PLOT will help you see story structure for what it is: a liberating framework to help you best tell your story.

STORY AND PLOT will simplify your choices, not complicate them.

STORY AND PLOT will help the screenwriter, the director, producer and development executive alike.

STORY AND PLOT will absolutely take your film work to the next level and beyond.